Baseball Is Back, MLB Betting Odds

It's about damn time, but baseball is officially coming back. The MLB implemented a 60 game season and the players will report to camps beginning on July 1. The season is set to start the weekend of July 24th, which is just over a month away.

This aligns perfectly with my trip to Las Vegas so you can bet we're going to be posting up in the sports book. My one hard and fast rule is to steer clear of betting on my own teams, so I'll need another team besides the Cardinals to put some action on as a World Series favorite.

So far the New York Yankees (+375) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (+450) are the odds on favorites to win the World Series during a shortened season, but I'm interested in seeing how the 60 game regular season and National League DH effect the outcomes.

Full List of World Series Odds

From a bettors perspective there's certainly going to be some fluctuation, baseball in my opinion is one of the toughest sports to bet on. After the Yankees and Dodgers the cheating bastard Houston Astros (+1200) have the next best odds. No chance I'm taking those assholes.

The hometown St. Louis Cardinals (+2500) certainly can make a case with a dominant pitching staff and the addition of the DH certainly helps, allowing Matt Carpenter and Tommy Edman to both play every day.

I kind of like the Cincinnati Reds (+3000), who added Shogo Akiyama and Nick Castellanos in the outfield for the 2020 season. The National League Central is a bit weaker this year so it's really going to be anyones division for the taking. The Reds could also squeak in as a Wild Card contender and with a shortened season, any team has a chance to get hot.

The Oakland Athletics (+2200) and the Atlanta Braves (+2200) are also near the top half in World Series odds and rightfully so. Although neither team has broken through to the World Series stage in recent years both franchises have quietly been building young clubs that have the perfect opportunity to excel in a shortened season.

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