Battlehawks Season Is Here Baby

It's finally here. Season opener for the St. Louis Battlehawks. Football is finally back in STL and man... I'm fuckin fired up.

First two XFL games on Saturday were electric. Different kickoff setup, no kicking PATs, spreads/over-under lines on the scoreboard... but the coolest thing is literally EVERYBODY is mic'd up. You can hear play calls, reactions to plays, and how awesome was it to hear players say the word "fuck". It was just real and hilarious.

The XFL might have found a recipe that works. This might be a league that hangs around. I know it's week one, but this feels like something legit. It's different enough to be interesting and hopefully the quality of football will carry on with the uniqueness of the league.

Let's be honest. Most of us do not know who the fuck 85% of these players are, but who cares. We finally have something to keep us sane until college and NFL football is back.

Let's hope this league is the next big thing. I hope it is. Not just for St. Louis, but for us football junkies that just can't get enough.

I'm pumped up for the home opener at the dome in two weeks, where we can all get drunk and just enjoy some pro football in St. Louis together once again.

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