Big Web's Wild Card Weekend Wager

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The $220 - 3 way parlay Big Web gave you on the Week 16 show from Cafe Telegraph (Saints, Chiefs, Ravens) collected $1320.00. Cafe Telegraph has the best smoked meats in town & Big Web is “smokin hot” as we enter this 2020 playoff run.

Listen’s what Big Web likes on Wild Card Weekend:

As far as the sides go:


I like Buffalo, but I don’t love them in this ball game rooting for them very hard for 2 reasons.  Betting wise......I would like to see Houston out, they are just to dangerous and unpredictable.  Not good for picking football games.  The other reason is

I have always been some what of a closet Bills fan, ever since they pissed away 4 Superbowls in a row in the 90’s.  

I think the Bills D will give Watson & Company everything they can handle & get some scoring accomplished of their own.  JJ Watt

will be productive early, but I think he will wear down as the game goes on because of the time off.

Pick:  Bills +3


Time to pass the torch boys! (Somebody send this to Portnoy!)

I have all the respect in the world for New England and what they have accomplished in the Belichick/ Brady regime....Including the huge Super Bowl comeback vs Atlanta just 2 short years ago!!  (Thanks for bringing that one back to life gentlemen $!)  But unfortunately all good things must end......

Vrabel has this Tennessee Titans team rolling!  Oh yes, as you might expect, Belichick & Brady will have some answers, and make it tuff.  This will be no cake walk, but the 4.5?? Forget about it!  Tennessee won’t need the points.  Last time I checked the $ line it was +195 for the Titans.

Pick:  Titans +4.5, Titans +195 money line.


This my friends is an interesting matchup.  It screams New Orleans all day, the way they have been rolling with Breese to Thomas and their defense. Not to mention Kamara and their secret weapon, Taysom Hill..............The interesting part is the 8 points!  Now fair weather fans could say Minnesota is all but dead in this one due to Cousins ineffectiveness with a rush in his face, and that most likely will be the main factor here.  But.......there are a couple of key players that MAY make an impact to dilute the blow out.....Cook (not Jerrod, Delvin) - is his shoulder in good enough shape to return to early season form?

Theilen, (Adam, Not Lionel Richie “Oh What A”) - Is he really 100%?

Came back in week 16 and didn’t do much.  Sat out week 17 to rest hammy.

I say, it’s a slight risk, but I doubt both of the above.  New Orleans should control this game in the dome.  8 is a big number, but they can cover with hands in Cousins face and keeping Cook under control.  Minnesota’s D has softened up vs the long pass.  Thomas should have a day.  If they double Thomas, and shadow Kamara, look for Hill to make a difference.

Pick: Saints -8


Tuff situation for both beat up teams.  Can’t believe Sanders now has an ankle.  This Boston Scott seems like he can fill in nicely (possible fantasy play).  Seattle is the better team, but Clowney with sports hernia & all the running back issues.  Then Philly with their stack of injuries including ERTZ.  I see smash mouth.  Tuff, tight, game.

Pick: Eagles +2.5

Big Web's Best Bets:

See below, we are anchoring with Tennessee & New Orleans and risking $400.

7-Pt. Teaser:

Tennessee (+11.5)

Under New England/Tennessee (52)

New Orleans (-1)

Under New Orleans/Minnesota (57)

Philadelphia (+8.5)

Wager: $100 to win $350

3-Team Parlay:

Tennessee (+4.5)

New Orleans (-6.5) *Buying 1.5 points*

Under Tennessee/New England (50) *Buying 5 points*

Wager: $100 to win $331.87

2-Team Parlay:

Tennessee (+4.5)

New Orleans (-8)

Wager: $200 to win $520

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