Bracketology: Sweets Final Four

We've narrowed down the BOTB Sweets Bracket to the Final Four. The #1 overall seed Apple Pie takes on fifth seeded Hot Fudge Sunday, while third seeded Brownie takes on cinderella story Gooey Butter Cake after claiming the Midwest regional.

Let's take a look at each of the four remaining teams and how they got here.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is an American favorite. In times like these we need to band together as one and Apple Pie does that for us. No matter what you believe, most people are a fan of a nice warm slice of Apple Pie (a la mode IMO). Apple Pie had a cake walk of a first round matchup taking on #32 Angel Food Cake. A real tough break for Angel Food Cake, who barely squeaked into the tournament. They didn't win the cake conference, but they put together a strong enough resume playing in one of the tougher sweet conferences.

In the second round Apple Pie faced a tough matchup against Vanilla Ice Cream, another American staple. Vanilla Ice Cream narrowly escaped a first round upset of Glazed Donut, but the Donuts had a stale run down the stretch. In round two, Vanilla Ice Cream competed the entire game, but despite their versatility, Apple Pie prevailed 53% to 47%.

When a hot team like Apple Pie gets momentum they feed off of that and that's exactly what they did in the Elite Eight against #8 Fudge. Fudge hadn't played an opponent quite like Apple Pie and this was their first real test. You could say they got lackadaisical with themselves after posting blow outs against Jelly Donut and fan favorite Banana Pudding, but it just wasn't their year.

Looking ahead to their Final Four matchup with Hot Fudge Sunday, Apple Pie is going to need to rely on their big time playmakers. They have a history of coming through in clutch time, just look at their Fourth of July performance in 2019 and what they were able to do at the desserts table. They've also held their own in tough matchups on the road against Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving. There's a reason Apple Pie is the top seed, but will it be enough to finish the job?

Hot Fudge Sunday

Hot Fudge Sunday is a classic team that's always going to compete. They aren't always at the top of everyones mind like Apple Pie and Brownie, but when push comes to shove, they tend to deliver. The consistency of Hot Fudge Sunday is there and even if they don't have a ton of championships, they're at least in the running.

Hot Fudge Sunday breezed through its first round matchup, obliterating oatmeal cookie 94% to 6%. A real tough beat for Oatmeal Cookie because much like Angel Food Cake, this was an exciting time getting a chance to compete against the best sweets in the game, they just started flat and couldn't make up the early deficit.

The Sunday's continued their dominate run in the Sweet 16 against Chocolate Bar. Chocolate Bar isn't in a power house conference and they haven't appeared at the big dessert tables come holiday time, yet they were a conference champion. So for Hot Fudge Sunday to demolish them in the fashion they did, should have Apple Pie worried.

In the Elite Eight, Hot Fudge Sunday took down my Final Four pick Cookie Dough Ice Cream. I thought the versatility of Cookie Dough Ice Cream combined with their deep bench would give them enough to get into the championship. I mean come on they had a massive upset against Chocolate Cake in the second round. Hot Fudge Sunday, in my opinion would be the one to melt down the stretch, but they said not so fast and quickly showed Cookie Dough who is top dog in the Ice Cream Conference.

I think Hot Fudge Sunday is going to have to switch up their strategy heading into the Final Four matchup with Apple Pie. Although it's a neutral site contest, Apple Pie has a little home cooking advantage as their fans always travel well. It's not impossible to take down the favorite, but they'll need to give their best effort to do it.

Gooey Butter Cake

You always love to see the cinderella story make a deep run and that's exactly what we're witnessing with 15th seeded Gooey Butter Cake. The committee members out of the Midwest were able to convince the rest of the country to get them into the tournament after some massive wins in conference play. Gooey Butter Cake had a favorable draw being placed in the Midwest regional as well.

Right out of the gate Gooey Butter Cake was thrown into a tough matchup against Chocolate Pie. Chocolate Pie doesn't pack the same punch as the blue blood pies like Apple or Pumpkin, but at least Gooey Butter Cake was able to get a taste of what a championship matchup might be like against top-seeded Apple Pie.

The Sweet 16 matchup is where we really saw what Gooey Butter Cake was made of and why they deserve to be where they are. It was arguably the best matchup of the tournament so far against #2 Chocolate Chip Cookie. Chocolate Chip Cookie is like a Duke or Kansas, they're stacked top to bottom and are always going to compete. In a wire-to-wire contest that went into overtime, Gooey Butter Cake made a late push and pulled off the upset.

In a breakfast showdown, Gooey Butter Cake lined up against breakfast power house Cinnamon Roll. The Rolls had the national backing as a 10 seed, but again Gooey Butter Cake stuck to its game plan and pulled out a narrow win to set up a Final Four matchup against Brownie. What a fun matchup that will be!


Brownie came into the tournament with something to prove. After a remarkable season they expected to be the top-seed, but instead are ranked third, so they're playing with a chip on their shoulder. They also had the toughest road to get where they are.

In the first round, they easily handled a team with a deep bench in Snack Cakes. I know Brownie is a big time contender, but they flexed against Snack Cakes and jumped out to an early lead.

One of the bigger surprises of the tournament came in the Sweet 16 against Peanut Butter Cup. I mean the Cups are a contender, another fan favorite. I guess Peanut Butter Cup got soft and didn't expect Brownie to dominate that much. These are two sweets that have competed against each other before. Brownie ended up winning the matchup 75% to 25%.

Then Brownie was able to outlast Cheesecake in another slugfest to make it to the Final Four, setting up a highly anticipated contest with Gooey Butter Cake. Cinderella against power house, David vs Goliath, you absolutely love to see it.


So as we look ahead to the Final Four let's make some predictions. In the Apple Pie (1) vs. Hot Fudge Sunday (5) matchup I think we'll see the Sunday's compete early, but the experience of Apple Pie is what's going to help them late come clutch time.

On the other side we have Gooey Butter Cake (15) riding a dream season against juggernaut Brownie (3). I think Brownie is coming into this matchup without giving enough credit to Gooey Butter Cake on what they had to do to get here. Remember Gooey Butter Cake took down Chocolate Chip Cookie, a perennial contender and I think we'll see another shocker here in the Final Four.

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