Chronicles of a 25-Year-Old Married Guy: Vol. 1

Been working at home for nearly three weeks. Eyes constantly burning from the amount of screens I've stared at. Pulled a muscle in my leg getting off of the couch on Thursday (still absolutely kills when I get up to pee). Spilled coffee twice. The dog bit a hole in three of my favorite shirts. He also discovered that he likes to chew up drywall instead of the 1500 fucking toys my wife bought for him. It's been a time.

First couple of weeks at home were fine. Recorded some interviews, edited some videos, then watched Netflix or played XBOX till about 1 AM. You know, the usual. That was my daily routine. Well, week three brought some HUGE changes. Yesterday after I finished work, I looked around and thought, "I'll pick up a little bit around here." Which eventually turned into, "okay, I'll wipe down the counter tops". Which eventually turned into, "where's the mop?". Jesus. Never in my life have I thought voluntarily, "where's the mop?." Before I knew it, I was scrubbing picture frames with Windex. I stopped. Looked at myself in the reflection of the frame and just thought, "what in the hell is happening here?"

That's what we've come to people. Quarantine is changing us by the minute. Is this a good thing? Maybe. But still scary as shit. I mean, I actually folded my clothes as soon as they got out of the dryer yesterday. Who the fuck am I?! So it got me thinking. Where does it end?

Will I stop wasting my time by watching The Office for the 100th time?

Will I actually take the time to learn how to make lasagna or some shit?

Will I seriously start working out again? I might be absolutely yolked when this is all said and done.

Who knows. I'm sure I'm not the only one going through these changes. I'm thinking about dusting the top of the shelves downstairs at some point today (somebody stop me). I'll keep you updated. Talk soon.

*SIDE NOTE* I want to thank all of the amazing medical professionals, including my wife, who are helping people in need and putting themselves at risk every day. Can't thank you all enough.

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