Day 3 Without Sports: Video Games

We're into Day 3 without sports and still going strong...for now. We're binging watching tv shows and playing board games, but there's no better way to quench the thirst for sports than playing some sports video games. Today we're going to look at some classics and some currents that people are playing to keep their mind off the fact that there aren't currently any sports to watch or bet on.

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Personally I'm a huge fan of old PS2 games. I'm going to try to bust out the old game system sometime this week, hoping it still works. I'll probably have to blow on some game discs and clean them off a thousand times before they actually work, but we'll give it a try.

Some of my personal favorites on PS2 include NHL Hitz 2003, the one with Chris Pronger on the cover and MVP Baseball 2004 with Albert Pujols. You also had the entire street sports series (Street v3 was the best) and NBA Ballers, where you started a rags to riches story competing against the street ballers all the way up to the NBA legends.

The game I'm most looking forward to trying out again, Star Wars Battlefront II. Let's not forget this was before I had COD so I hadn't had the luxury of online play yet. I didn't switch over to Xbox 360 until my sophomore year of high school with the release of arguably my most played game of all-time, COD MWII. Battlefront allowed you to compete on a number of different maps from Mos Eisley and Hoth and once you killed enough bad guys you re-spawned as a specialty character, so much fun.

On the Nintendo side of things of course Super Smash Bros. was a staple, but I wasn't ever all that good. I instead opted for Mario Golf or Mario Super Strikers, while also dabbling in Mario Kart. (Can you tell I like sports?)

Here are some other favorites from the people of social media:

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