Fantasy First Quarter Roundup

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The first quarter of the NFL regular season is officially in the books. I am sure all of the hard work and preparation you put in this summer in order to win a fantasy football championship resulted in you predicting that Gardner Minshew would be outscoring Aaron Rodgers at this point in the season. If you didn’t predict that, then I’m sure you at least predicted that Jeff Wilson (4th string running back for the 49ers entering this season) would have the same amount of rushing TD’s (4) in two games played, that Zeke and Saquon have combined in the 5.5 total games they have played. If you didn’t predict this, that is okay. Not even the self-proclaimed “Fantasy Expert” (me) predicted this. However, I do have confidence that we can make the moves needed to excel during the 2nd quarter of the season.

Interesting 1st quarter fantasy stats (*All statistics based on half-point PPR):

  • Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Zach Ertz have combined for ONE touchdown over the first 4 weeks.

  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently own the 2nd (Godwin) and 4th (Evans) ranked WR’s.

  • DJ Chark has outscored DeAndre Hopkins, Davante Adams, and Michael Thomas (all of whom were consensus first round picks in 12 man leagues).

  • Jacoby Brissett has as many TD’s as Aaron Rodgers and Baker Mayfield combined.

  • Lamar Jackson is on pace for 440.8 fantasy points this season, which would beat Patrick Mahomes record of 417 points for the most fantasy points by a QB ever in a season.

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SIDE NOTE | Lamar Jackson is 67 yards shy of 1,000 career rush yards. He has played 20 career games which averages to roughly 47 yards per game. He will likely hit 1,000 career rush yards in his 22nd career game.

  • This took Tom Brady 265 games to get to 1,000 career rush yards

  • Tom Brady entered the 2019 season at 1,003 career rush yards. He has dropped to exactly 1,000 due to kneeling the ball. Keep this in mind when watching the next Patriots game.


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QB | Russell Wilson – I am not too sure how high you will be able to sell Russ for. I have never been a GM who likes trading for quarterbacks. However, I do know there are people in leagues that want a stud QB. With this being said, Russ is the 3rd ranked fantasy QB thus far in 2019. He has faced the Bengals, Steelers, Saints, and Cardinals, all of whom are in the top third of total fantasy points given up to QB’s. Coming up, Russell and the Seahawks take on the Rams, Browns, Ravens, and Falcons. I understand that Jameis Winston just had his way with the Rams. However, the Rams/Seahawks play on Thursday and I envision both teams trying to establish the run. Especially now that Rashaad Penny is set to be back this week. Cleveland and Baltimore also have solid defenses regardless of what happened between the two teams this past week. In addition, Baltimore currently averages the most time per possession in the NFL with Cleveland also being in the top half. Both of these games will be a battle for a ball, limiting the amount of possessions for both teams. Count on Russell being a low end QB1 during these next 4 weeks. Package Russ with another RB/WR to improve at the position.

RB | Derrick Henry – This is my favorite sell high candidate. I personally think Derrick Henry should be the greatest RB to ever live. I really do not understand how he doesn’t run for 175 yards and 2 TD’s every week. Nevertheless, that’s for another day to discuss. Henry is a safe flex play every week but now is the time to sell if you want the most value out of him. He faces a tough test with the Bills, Broncos, Chargers, and Bucs coming up. Roughly, 21% of his total points on the season came from one 75-yard TD reception. If we all know one thing about Derrick Henry, it’s that he doesn’t catch passes. He has totaled 5 receptions through 4 games, so I don’t really plan on that narrative changing anytime soon. Sell him while you can.

WR: Tyrell Williams – Tyrell has Chicago, BYE, Green Bay, and Houston on tap weeks 5-8. Tyrell has only recorded one game with more than 46 receiving yards. Tyrell does have a knack for the end zone as he has recorded a TD in every game he has played. This is sure to change sooner rather than later. Trade Tyrell while you can, preferably before his next game against the Bears.



  • His next opponents: Redskins (yum), Giants (more yum), Jets, Browns. Expect Julian Edelman to be a top 10 receiver over the next month.


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  • This hurts as a Steelers fan. However, knowing he has already had his BYE and Sam Darnold is on his way back, I’m buying Le’Veon everywhere I can. He has done everything his fantasy managers has asked him to do. He has averaged roughly 95 yards per game, which on a 16 game pace equates to 1,500+ yards. The only downfall to his game has been scoring the ball. Once Sam Darnold comes back this is sure to change. GO GET LEV.

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