Greatest MLB Manager Ejections

I miss baseball. We all miss baseball. So here are some of the greatest MLB manager ejections of all time in no particular order.

We'll start out with the man who made umpires shit in their pants every time he stepped out of the dugout...

Lou Piniella (2007)

Lou was an absolute maniac when he was pissed off on the baseball field. I can't imagine the fear that some of these umpires had when they knew they fucked up a call that would've benefitted Sweet Lou's squad. Lou was famous for his outbursts at umps, which sometimes included kicking dirt, throwing bases, and even spiking and punting his own hat. Absolute GOLD.

Aaron Boone (2019)

"MY GUYS ARE FUCKING SAVAGES IN THAT FUCKING BOX". Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, was absolutely livid during a game last season when home plate umpire, Brennan Miller, had some of the worst called strikes you'll ever see. I love the fact that when umpires know they are doing a shitty job, they still double down and act like they are big shots. Big shots who won't take shit from anybody. Which usually turns into an ejection of some sort. I get it. I mean what are they supposed to do? Just act like bitches and say they'll do better next time? That never happens and I'm glad it doesn't, because we wouldn't get awesome reactions like this. Aaron Boone is like most MLB managers once they're thrown out. They're going to say what they fucking want because they have nothing to lose. He tore this guy a new one, while being as honest and real as he possibly could. Basically saying, get better at your fucking job.

Earl Weaver (1980)

Earl Weaver was AWESOME. Nothing better than a manager that won't stop giving the umpire shit. In the video, he heads back to the dugout after arguing and then storms back out to the field to talk some more shit on multiple occasions. He tells the ump if he puts another finger on him he's going to 'knock him right in the nose'. What a fucking boss.

Earl absolutely destroys this guy. The ump tries to walk away a few times and Earl just pulls him back in. I would've LOVED to see this guy in person. There's no way this is the only video out there of Earl Weaver. I NEED more Earl Weaver videos in my life.

Terry Collins (2016)

I bet the MLB hated that this came out, but let's be honest, we need more umpires/managers mic'd up. Terry Collins is defending Noah Syndergaard in this video after he was thrown out of the game for throwing a pitch behind Chase Utley. You can almost see smoke coming out of Terry's ears. It's fantastic.

Wally Bachman (2010)

Alright, so this video is solid all of the way through, but I'm still going to save you three minutes. The first three minutes consists of Wally arguing and cussing out the umpire. Okay, now skip to the 3:00 mark where shit gets funny.

It looks like ole Wally has finally calmed down as he walks back to the dugout with his assistant coach, going over changes in their lineup. As he walks behind the wall of the dugout, you can hear him mutter, "that's a fucking joke", reacting to the ejection. Seems like it'd be over at that point, right? WRONG. All of a sudden he makes a sudden heel turn and just starts chucking bats and balls all over the field, calling the ump a piece of shit and telling him to pick everything up.

I mean, the fact that this dude was basically done with the situation, then walks into the dugout, remembers what just happened, and absolutely flips shit again, is why this video is amazing.

Phil Wellman (2008)

Everybody should remember this one. You know, the crazy Minor League manager who army crawled from second base to the pitcher's mound and then tossed the rosin bag like a grenade towards home plate? This is it. Phil Wellman. Legendary.

Phil goes from screaming at the umpire, to completely covering up home plate with dirt, throws a couple of bases, and then the army crawl/rosin bag toss to top it off. All I could think about after watching this video again was, "Did he ever stop and think, "oh my God, I can't believe I just threw a rosin bag like a grenade." Was he like mid army crawl and suddenly thought, "holy shit, I'm doing a fucking army crawl on the field right now. How did I get here?" An all time clip.

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