Hot Take: Big Fan of "The Wave"

For years I've seen people talking shit about "the wave" at sporting events. Hating everything about it and even going out of their way to slam it. I'm here to say, I thoroughly enjoy "the wave". Always have, always will.

My own co-host even posted about hating the wave under the Brews account on Facebook. He does not speak for both of us here.

I'm expecting to get slammed for this, but I don't care. So, none of you wave-hating ass holes remember seeing "the wave" for the first time as a kid? Sitting on the third base line and just watching the movement of the crowd get closer and closer to your section? Sitting on the edge of your seat with excitement and anticipation to be a part of something great? No, still hate it? Alright, you're too fucking cool, I guess.

Now let's find some common ground. I absolutely cannot fucking stand the Ric Flair "WOO!!!" thing. When some drunken 50-year-old dude sitting next to me is yelling "WOO!!!" at the top of his lungs for the the 15th time in two minutes, it is the absolute WORST. My ear drum has exploded, but at least this guy was able to show his true fandom by screaming "WOO!!!" over and over and over, because apparently that's what makes you a real sports fan. BRUTAL.

Also, I don't hate the Blues power play dance. It's simple, it doesn't bother me, and when I've had over four beers, I'm all into it.

In conclusion, the wave isn't that bad. It's actually not bad at all. If you think you're too cool to get up and throw your hands up in the air with the rest of your section every 45 seconds or so for maybe a five minute span of time, then I feel for you. But the fucking "Woo!!!" thing... that HAS to go.