I Don't Like Daniel Jones

Alright so I'm going to turn into "that guy" for a second. Yep, the guy who brings up his fantasy team. I hate it just as much as you do, but this may be the WORST loss in fantasy football history and I have to tell this tale.

I go into last night's matchup up 0.1 points against the worst team in our league (0-8 entering the week). I've got Saquon, he has Dallas D/ST. Money in the bank right? Saquon is going to run all over their asses and it won't even be a sweat. Well, my guy didn't show up to the game until the fourth quarter.

Alright, now I'm sweating.

Saquon finally shows up and goes full Saquon, picking up a 65 yard reception, as I skyrocket up the scoreboard. I'm up by 4 against a f***ing defense. No way I lose.

*Enter Daniel "Butterfingers" Jones*

25 second left... 25 f***ing seconds left. LITERALLY the only thing that can screw me.

What an ass. The guy already fumbled in the 3rd quarter because he thinks he's some sick talented mobile QB all of a sudden. Hey Danny, I couldn't care less about your 6.5 yards per attempt on the ground this season. I don't give a rats ass if you had 17 rushing touchdowns in college. YOU ARE A POCKET PASSING QB. Act like it.

Up 124 - 118 before the play, lose 127 - 124.

Let me know if there has ever been a worse beat in Fantasy Football. This is just gut wrenching. Puts me at 5-4 instead of 6-3. Brutal.


Alright, I'm done being hot take fantasy football guy now.

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