• Nick Yahl

I'm All In On Sony's PS5

Today we got our first look at the all new Sony PS5 and all I can say is DAMN!

I don't care that the cost is probably going to drain my entire bank account I'm ready to drop all my cash on this. I was smart and saved my stimulus check so I have an excuse.

This brings back some childhood memories from my PS2 days because I switched over to the Xbox 360 in high school and eventually to the Xbox One. I'm done missing out on the opportunity to play MLB the Show among the many other games the PS5 is launching.

Here are a few of the new games coming to PS5 later this year.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

NBA 2K21

Gran Tourismo 7

There are rumors leaking the PS5 price point could be upwards of $760, but with Microsoft coming out with the new Xbox Series X they will have to stay in same range. There have also been rumors about the PS5 being backwards compatible back to PS2, but so far Sony hasn't made an official announcement other than it will be able to play PS4 games.

Nonetheless this should be pretty sweet. Merry Christmas to me!

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