Love is Blind: The Aftermath

If you have yet to watch the series "Love is Blind" on Netflix and still plan to, don't continue reading. If you haven't yet watched it and don't plan to....well then this won't be all that interesting and you can probably go read one of our other fantastic articles or buy a t-shirt here. You're damn right that was a sneaky way to put in a plug four our merch.

Anyways, after watching Love is Blind I have some thoughts. Overall, I think the best way to describe the show is an organized train wreck. It had it's sweet moments and it had it's annoying moments, but more importantly it stirred up debate in just about every group chat I'm in.

The premise of the show is similar to that of speed dating, only the couples can't see each other. They are in the "pods", which are essentially soundproof rooms with a thin wall in between so you can still hear each other. Over the course of a number of days, the couples go on dates to get to know each other and decide if they want to continue "dating", which just consists of going on longer dates inside the pods.

Meanwhile, the guys are living with the guys and the girls are living with the girls so they can gossip about who they like or don't like, in essence to stir up the drama. I thought it had the feel of Big Brother combined with a similar popular Netflix show, "The Circle".

Eventually, if the couples like/love each other enough, they can propose (still without ever seeing each other) and decide if they want to get married.

My first thought is these people are desperate as hell. I'm not trying to be cynical or anything, but COME ON, there's no fucking chance you know you want to get married to someone after only talking to them on a few dates. I don't care how long they lasted.

Six of the couples end up getting engaged that we know about on the show (evidently there was one more couple, but the producers didn't plan on seven engagements)

I wasn't buying into it at first, but then they meet each other face-to-face, go on the honeymoon, come home and live together for a bit, meet the families and then ultimately decide if they want to get married or not.

This is where the drama comes in and everything hits the fan. For whatever reason people love seeing others drama blow up, it's probably why the bachelor/bachelorette are so popular.

Carlton and Diamond

Carlton and Diamond are the first couple to have things turn sour. Carlton never disclosed to Diamond before proposing that he's bi-sexual and reveals this news during the honeymoon, which turns her off because he wasn't completely honest in the pods. I thought they were one of the more genuine couples of the whole show so it was tough to see him throw the ring in the pool and have her storm off. Then again it was everything we were hoping for as reality tv junkies.

Carlton and Diamond Grade: C-

GiGi and Damian

Couple number two, Giannina and Damian. I honestly thought they would pull through in the end. They certainly had their communication issues, but it seemed like they had worked through it. Damian ultimately decided against marrying Gigi and she was NOT happy about it. She chewed him out pretty good and his excuse was she wasn't all-in, all the time. I buy that to a point, but it seemed like he wanted to be married more than she did, while she was just looking to have some fun.

Giannina and Damian Grade: B-

Kelly and Kenny

Kenny and Kelly were definitely a favorite couple of the show and seemed like they were going to go through with their marriage up until the day of the wedding when Kelly expressed her doubts. The big point for Kelly was she never felt that spark like she had with her previous boyfriend. Plus, they hadn't had the same physical connection as some of the other couples, which raised questions on whether or not she would go though with it. This was the biggest bummer because their families got along so well and Kenny was such a genuine dude.

Even after Kelly left him at the altar he thanked everyone for coming, you're just like damn that's tough. Why didn't Kelly tell him that BEFORE?! I feel like they're trying to force it because they came on the show to get married. Nonetheless, I guess it's better to say no if you really feel that way, but damn pick a better time.

Kenny and Kelly Grade: C+

Amber and Barnett

Amber and Barnett were certainly the wildest of the couples on the show. The physical attraction was 100% there from the beginning. Amber proved that with the amount of PDA overload she showed during the honeymoon, which all the couples went on together. Of the guys, Barnett stood out as the prize for a number of the girls thanks to his witty personality. He had three options between Amber, L.C. and Jessica and ultimately chose Amber.

Despite some conflicts between Amber and Barnett's family, Amber's troubled financial situation and Barnett's sudden cold feet on wedding day, the pair ended up together in the end. I don't blame Barnett for nearly getting cold feet on wedding day one bit, especially under these circumstances. I can't imagine what the families are thinking when they hear about the scenario in which these couples are getting engaged. Though, the two are still married today according to the internet so that's nice.

Amber and Barnett Grade: A-

Jessica and Mark

Okay settle in folks this is where it gets fun. Arguably the most controversial of any of the couples, Jessica and Mark started out on rocky terms. Jessica's heart was clearly attracted to Barnett aka B, but when he told her he was choosing someone else she had to settle for Mark. The kicker is she told Mark she was in love with someone else, then came crying back. Mark's whipped ass bought the whole thing and proposed anyway! BUDDY RED FLAG #1

Then they go on the honeymoon and Jessica starts talking about how she doesn't want to rush into anything physical, which I bought at first, but then it was clearly because she's not attracted to him and still has feelings for Barnett. Had Marky Mark looked like Barnett, "the type of guy she usually goes after" there would be no problem.

On top of that the bigger underlying issue is supposedly the 10 year age difference, which she just used as a shield the entire show. When the couples meet up and hang out during their honeymoon, Jessica drinks a bit too much and starts talking to Barnett again. SMH. Then on the bachelorette party she drinks and spills to Amber, who would kick her ass any day of the week, that she doesn't have feelings for Barnett! *cough* Bullshit *cough*

All the while Mark continues to give her the benefit of the doubt only to get burned at the altar. The worst part