Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Is Overhyped!

The Popeyes Chicken sandwich is way overhyped. Sure it's tasty and delectable, don't get me wrong I love a good chicken sandwich, but it's not worth the ridiculous wait. The service is brutal and that's after they were out of it the first twelve times around.

Okay that's a bit of an exaggeration, it only took five times (three since the re-boot) for me to actually acquire the sandwich. The first two times the line was crazy ass long and not moving at all so I bailed.

As they say, third times a charm.

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So I'm out and about after getting my haircut and I see a different Popeyes location than I had normally been going to for the sandwich and I see the drive-thru line is actually moving! What a concept!

I wheel in and see the inside is closed, drive-thru only. Excellent, maybe the service will actually be quick today.

Roll up, "Hi yes I'll take a spicy chicken sandwich meal with a coke and fries."

Popeyes Employee: "One Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich with rice, that'll be $11.78, please pull around"

Me: "No with fries" (great start)

So I whip it around and pay and send T.J. a text

"RED ALERT...I've acquired the sandwich this is not a drill!"

So I pull over into a parking spot, take a gulp of the 72 oz coke that could quench the thirst of a small army, open the first box of crispy cajun fries, smell the warm buttery biscuit, everything is wonderful.

I grab the second box with the sandwich...or so I thought. I crack that bad boy open, I'm smiling from ear to ear, tummy rumbles...finally the time has arrived.

I look down into the box and what do I see?

Popcorn shrimp.

What. The. Hell.

Not even popcorn chicken, but popcorn shrimp.

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So I have to wait another 20-25 minutes in the drive thru because the inside is closed. At this point I'm ready to just do whatever it takes to get the damn sandwich.

I get back to the speaker and only order the spicy chicken sandwich, so I don't cause any confusion. I was even going to pay for it because I know the employees are working hard.

Take the high road they said.

I get around to the window and they're like, "Weren't you just here".

"Yes Yes I was, but you messed up my order", I replied. "I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich meal and you gave me popcorn shrimp."

The worker gave me a snotty look and said, "Next time tell us at the speaker so we don't ring it up"

Alright, next time don't screw up my order I thought, but I passed and took the sandwich and drove off.

So anyways, I get the sandwich and by this time I'm not even that hungry because I've already eaten most of the fries and the biscuit.

Upon first glance, the cucumber pickles are weird and after the first bite I wasn't really feeling the mayo. The bun is the same as Chick-Fil-A, but the chicken itself is for sure better. The overall spiciness factor is lacking so it loses some points there as well.

I think compared to the other chicken sandwiches out there it certainly holds its own and I would definitely go back, but the service is so far below average that it kills whatever momentum Popeyes has.

I'll go back eventually, but for the price and service I'm sticking with Chick-Fil-A.

Popeyes Grade: B

Chick-Fil-A Grade: A-

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