'Too Hot To Handle' Is Netflix's Latest Binge Worthy Train Wreck

Netflix's steamy new show, 'Too Hot To Handle' is an absolute train wreck. It's basically a hornier version of 'The Circle' with an equally as attractive, albeit dumber cast.

The concept of the show is to take hot sexy young adults that like to party and send them to a tropical island resort for a "retreat", where they'll have the chance to win a grand prize of $100,000.

The catch? No sex.

If they break the rules and Lana, who looks like a talking air freshener (It's basically Alexa) catches them, their cash prize fund is penalized.

In addition, the retreat is supposed to be an opportunity for growth and to find a deeper meaning in relationships beyond just the physical pleasures.

I'm all in.

This is my kind of trashy television and of course the first thing I did was text all my friends to binge watch with me. Here are some responses.

"Seems like a shittier, hornier love is blind"

"This show is delicious"

"I'm two minutes in and this show is ridiculous"

"I'm five minutes in and this is the dumbest thing I've ever watched, but it's amazing already"

"Our regional director of trash TV scouting, Nick Yahl has found a diamond in the rough"

"I hate to say this - but I liked it?"

"Bro, you guys have to watch this Too Hot To Handle show, it's out of this world."


Consensus is that it sucks, but we also can't look away. Let's dive into some of the characters.

Overall the cast isn't that bad with the exception a few duds. Haley is a super bitch, who doesn't care about anyone and just wants to use the money for a nose job. Kelz is the accountant and gets pretty pissed when anyone gets a sexy penalty for acting out and it's hilarious. Matthew is the most respectable dude on the show, but even though he looks like a hot version of Jesus, he can't seem to find love. Then there are the power couples...

Harry and Francesca - Francesca is deemed the hottest one on the show by the guys and as a self-proclaimed "Instagram Model" you can judge for yourself.

Her little fling was the most annoying part of the show as her and her Australian boy toy Harry failed to resist the sexual temptations forbidden from the retreat. Although, they do have an opportunity to earn some of the money back later in the show.

Sharron and Rhonda - The show saved face every so slightly with the other "power couple" Sharron and Rhonda. Sharron seemed to be the only one to do any actual growing that wasn't below the waste. He actually learned something and was able to open up to Rhonda by the end of the season, although it's unclear if the couple are still together.

It's been about a year since filming wrapped in April of 2019 and based on the Valentine's Day post from Francesca above, to absolutely no one's disappointment, it doesn't look like Francesca and Harry are currently together.

Honorable mentions go out to David and Nicole, who both seemed like genuinely nice people. David moved on from Rhonda so Sharron could have his shot at redemption and Nicole never got caught up in the bullshit girl drama earning her a few extra brownie points in my book.

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