What The Heck Was The XFL Thinking?

The XFL released the names of its eight teams

The XFL announced the eight team names and logos for the upcoming season and boy do they suck. Below are each of the cities with their respective names.

Dallas Renegade - This is by far my favorite of the bunch and actually fits Texas pretty well.

Houston Roughnecks - Seems like a recycled version of the Houston Oilers with a cheesy tagline "going to work for you"

D.C. Defenders - This is my second favorite of the bunch, but it sounds like a bad Avengers movie. I do enjoy the alliteration though.

L.A. Wildcats - It's okay, but there could have been a better name for Los Angeles, I mean you already have the Jaguars and the Bengals in the NFL, thank you next.

Seattle Dragons - Is this Game of Thrones or is this a professional sports league?

New York Guardians - The name is solid, but I don't really understand the logo.

Tampa Bay Vipers - I can kind of see where they're trying to go with the swamp, but I don't see it for a football team.

St. Louis Battle Hawks - While they have the best slogan "cleared to engage" it's easily the worst name. Too close to the Chicago Blackhawks and what the hell is a Battle Hawk? Whatever I'll still buy my t-shirt.

Bonus Poll for the Battle Hawks since the majority of our listeners come from STL and people like this much more than I do.

As much ribbing as I've given the naming committee of the XFL it will be cool to have football back in St. Louis in February of 2020 and this league is all about entertainment, so when I have nothing better to do on a Friday night than double dip at Taco Bell and Burger King, I'll be sure to check it out.

Also a special shoutout to the social media team and voiceover crew for the XFL because even though the names are stupid, the videos are pretty fire.

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