When Is It Okay to Start Listening to Christmas Music?

So now that Halloween is over we immediately jump into preparing for the next season, Thanksgiving/Christmas. Thanksgiving is basically the forgotten middle child of the family holiday season.

You've got Halloween, which gets all the attention coming first. By the time that first leaf on the tree turns in mid-September, we're already drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte's, Oktoberfest and finding the nearest Pumpkin Patch so we can get the best #basic IG photo to make sure everyone knows fall is our favorite season.

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The Halloween decorations come out and everyone gets in the mood for #spookyszn by going to their favorite haunted house, watching scary movies and planning out the most creative Halloween costume. Even Netflix and Hulu dedicate an entire section for Halloween flicks on their sites. So much attention for Halloween.

Then there's Christmas, typically the favorite. Two whole months if not more dedicated to it. (Sometimes you see ads in October for Christmas and that pisses of Halloween)

There's events, parties, gifts, food, more parties, and family time. That's a lot of attention, but hey when you're the third in line you're the favorite.

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Mixed in the middle is poor Thanksgiving, who gets swept under the rug, forgotten, lost. Doesn't even have time to make a real impact before Christmas pushes them out of way to start stealing attention. They have the best food for sure which gives them some clout, but Christmas is just a juggernaut, the athlete and brains of the holiday season family.

One of Christmas' best assets is the Christmas music. Notice I said Christmas and not holiday for all you snowflakes out there. So when is it actually "appropriate" to flip that dial to Jingle Bells? Do you feel sorry for Thanksgiving getting over looked and give it the attention it has worked so hard for or do you say screw it I like Christmas better?

Personally I say screw Thanksgiving, you have to co-exist with your sibling Christmas. As soon as Halloween is done, BAM Christmas music time. Am I sick of hearing Santa Baby or Jingle Bell's for the 100th time by December 25th? Absolutely not. You can never start too early. As long as it's cold outside, I don't want to listen to Frosty the Snowman when it's 85 and sunny.

That doesn't mean I don't give Thanksgiving some do-diligence. I'll watch the parade, football, Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving (Who's out here trying to get some jelly beans and butter toast action at the table?) and all of the Friend's Thanksgiving episodes, but I'm planning for Christmas at the same time.

If you don't like Christmas music before Thanksgiving then you're like T.J. and no one wants to be a T.J.

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